Zucchini omelette recipe. We are going to prepare an omelette where the potatoes will be replaced by a zucchini. It will not be as a typical omellette as others, but it will be tasty, thanks to the flavour of the zucchini. And to add this vegetable, it will be necessary to cut it in slices. This vegetable has a lot of good properties to your health. Then, to make this zucchini omelette with onion you only need the next ingredients:

INGREDIENTS for 4 people

  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 onion
  • 5 eggs
  • Salt
  • Oil


Time needed: 25 minutes.

Follow the next steps to obtain your homemade zucchini omelet:

  1. First, prepare the zucchini and the onion.

    In a pan put a little oil jet and heat it over medium heat. When it is hot, add the onion cut in thin slices, and let it cook for 5 minutes, while stirring frequently with a wooden spoon. After that time, aggregate the zucchini previously cut in slices for about a half finger thick. Put a pinch of salt and cook all the vegetables for another 10 minutes. When they are a little tender, remove them from the pan and put the vegetables on a plate.

  2. Mix the vegetables with the eggs.

    While they are warming, in a bowl put the eggs and a pinch of salt. Beat them for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, aggregate the onion and the zucchini and mix the all ingredients.

  3. Cook the zucchini omelette on both sides and serve it.

    In another non-stick pan put a little oil jet and heat it over a medium heat. When it is hot, aggregate the previous mixture of eggs and vegetables and let it curdle for about 5 minutes. After that time, turn the omelette with help of a plate, turn the omelette and introduce the other side in the pan, and let it curdle the other side for about another 5 minutes. Finally, remove the omelette from the pan and serve it.

And here it is, the homemade zucchini omelette. A very fast recipe to make and with a very few ingredients. It is an alternative to the traditional potato omelette. Make it at your home and share it with your family or friends!


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