triple chocolate mousse cake
triple chocolate mousse cake

Prep Time: 12 hours




The triple chocolate mousse cake is a delicious dessert wich consists of a cake made ​​with three layers of different chocolates. It’s very very easy to make. In addition, this triple chocolate mousse cake is no oven. This are the ingredients to make it:


INGREDIENTS to make a triple chocolate mousse cake:


  • 200g cookies 7 oz
  • 100g softened butter 3.5 oz
  • 200g white chocolate 7 oz
  • 200g white chocolate 7 oz
  • 200g pure black chocolate 7 oz
  • 1 lite of milk 33 fl. Oz
  • 500ml whipping cream 16 fl. Oz
  • 3 tbs neutral gelatin (or 9 sheets of gelatin)
  • 75g sugar 2.5 oz




1.- Grind some biscuits with the hands. Then put them in a blender and add the butter. Grind all, until you have a kind of grit

2.- Put this mixture on the bottom of a springform pan pie. Crush evenly throughout the mold surface, to make the base of the cake. Then put in the fridge while making the following steps.

3.- In a bowl, mix milk and whipping cream. 

4.- In a saucepan, put 500ml of cream and milk mix (17 fl. Oz). Add the white chocolate, one tablespoon of neutral gelantin and warm at low heat while stirring. It never reach to boil!

5.- When melted and well integrated, add this mixture over the biscuit base. Then put it back to 4 hours in the refrigerator or 1 hour in freezer

6.- Over time, the first layer will be curdled. It’s time to prepare the 2nd. Put another 500ml (17 fl. Oz) of the mixture of milk and whipping cream , chocolate milk and a tablespoon of neutral gelatin. Heat and stir all ingredients.

7.- With a fork, scrape the surface of the first layer wich is done. With a depth of 1 cm it’s sufficient. So, when adding the second layer, it will adhere well to the first, without allowing it to slip. So, scrape the surface and then, add the second layer and let it again 4 hours in the fridge or 1 in the freezer

8.- Over time, repeat the process. put in an saucepan the remaining mixture of cream and milk, black chocolate, another tablespoon of gelatin , but this time also add 75g of sugar. Heat it and stir

9.- Scrape the second layer, wich already curdled and put on it the new melted layer. Finally, put in the fridge and leave it in there overnight. The next day, you can unmold the triple chocolate mousse cake


The triple chocolate mousse cake recipe is easy to make. Although it requires some time to make it. Dare to prepare it!


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