Stuffed turkey. It is a tipycal American food with a lot of tradition. People make this recipe specially to celebrate the most important events, as Thanksgiving Day or The Christmas. It’s the main course around which the whole menu revolves. Its normally we buy the frozen turkey and we must remember to take it out on time before to cook it. It is very important to get it right with the cooking time, achieve a juicy meat with a very golden exterior, and that is not very dry or bland. For that, I have for you a stuffed turkey recipe very easy to make and in this way, you will obtain a delicious dish for more of 8 people. Lets see how to make it in few steps.

INGREDIENTS for 8 people:

  • A turkey for about 15lb
  • 2lb mince meat (half pork, half beef)
  • An onion
  • 6 fl oz. of white wine
  • 7 oz. of raisins
  • 2 apples
  • 3 oz. of breadcrumbs
  • Milk
  • Salt and pepper
  • Oil


Time needed: 2 hours and 10 minutes.

For preparing this delicious stuffed turkey in an easy way, you only have to follow this simple steps and respecting the cooking times.

  1. Hydrate the raisins in the white wine

    At first, in a jug, add the white wine. Introduce the raisins and let to hydrate in it for about an hour. Although if you leave it an whole night, better.

  2. Preparing the stuffed

    In a bowl add the miced meat, the breadcrumb previously soaked in milk, the onion cut into cubes, the apples cut also into cubes and the white wine along with the raisins. Then, season and mix all the ingredients with your hands until obtain an homogeneous mass.

  3. Place the stuffed into the turkey

    Afterwards, place the turkey in an oven tray preaviously seasoned. With a spoon, catch the stuffed that we just prepared and introduce it into the turkey throught the hole that it has at the bottom. We are going to fill it with generous amount of stuffing, squeezing it with the same spoon. In the end, it should be well tight, without free gaps inside.

  4. Place the stuffed turkey into the oven over 356ºF for about 2 hours

    Then, add a cup of water over the turkey. In this way, it will be more juicy. Add also, an oil jet. Now, place it into the oven preheated over 356ºF and let to bake for about 2 hours. Each 20 minutes, remove the turkey from the oven and water it with the broth thay there is at the bottom of the tray. If there is little water left, we add more. Whit this, we are going to sure that turkey is always juicy.

  5. Remove the turkey from the oven and serve it with its stuffed.

    2 hours later, when it is browned, remove it from the oven. Let to repose it for about 5 minutes and carve the turkey. Finally, serve it with its stuffed. This will serve as garnish of this delicious dish.

In this easy way, you can make a delicious stuffed turkey in oven. As you see, this recipe doesn´t take much work. Only there is to be care to water it each 20 minutes. As final point, you can debone the turkey if you want- in the butcher shop, they can do it to you. Personally, I prefer to leave the bone because the meat will be more juicy.

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