Spaghetti carbonara. It is probably the most international way to make this pasta. The authentic italian carbonara sauce has egg yolk, cheese and bacon. This sauce is made without cream. Although there are a lot of variants includding this ingredient. Here, you can make the authentic spaghetti carbonara recipe. For it, you only need the following ingredients:

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

  • 14 oz. spaghetti
  • 2 eggs
  • 5 oz. cured cheese
  • 4 oz. bacon
  • salt and pepper
  • Oil


Time needed: 15 minutes.

Making the spaghetti carbonara at your home is very easy if you follow the following steps:

  1. Cook the spaghetti in plenty boiling water

    In a casserole with plenty boiling water, put a handfull of salt. Then, add the spaghetti and let to cook here for about 10 minutes, until they are “al dente”. It is advisable to stir them frequently above all at the beginning of the cooking. In this way, they won´t stick at bottom of the casserole.

  2. Prepare the carbonara

    While the spaghetti are cooking, we are going to prepare the carbonara. In a bowl add the egg yolks. The egg whites is better to reserve them for other ocassion. Add also the grated cured cheese and mix both ingredientes with a fork. You will obtain a very dense mass.

  3. Fry the bacon

    Afterwards, in a pan put an oil jet. When it is hot, add the diced bacon and fry them for about 2 minutes. Then, remove the bacon from the heat and reserve it.

  4. Then, reserve some cooking broth and drain the spaghetti

    Once this is done and when the spaghetti are cooked, reserve some ladles of cooking broth. Then, drain the spaghetti from the water.

  5. Integrate the spaghetti with the carbonara

    Then, add the spaghetti in the bowl where we have prepared the carbonara. Also, add the bacon with the juices they have released and a little of cooking broth. Stir all the ingredients with a fork. In this way, the spaghetti will absorb all the sauce. If you see this sauce is very dense, you can add more cooking broth. (Don´t forget stir again all the ingredients for spaghetti to absorb the sauce)

  6. Sprincke fresly ground black pepper and serve it inmediatelly

    When we get a creamy sauce, sprinckle above it plenty freshly ground black pepper. The name of “carbonara” it comes from the color that this spice gives it, which reminds the color of coal. Serve it inmediatelly.

These are the authentic spaghetti carbonara without cream. Although if you prefer them with cream, you can add it instead of the cooking broth. Be that as it may, however you like them, I hope you make them!

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