Roasted cauliflower with cheese and bechamel. It is a delicious recipe for include vegetables in our diet. It is very easy to make and with few ingredients.


Roasted cauliflower with cheese and bechamel. It is an excellent way to add this vegetable to our diet. The bechamel and cheese will make it not a 100% healthy recipe but at least, it will be 80% healthy, since the vegetable will not lose its properties, because we put these ingredients on it. What it will do is increase your amount of fat a little, but we will also gain a lot in flavor. In addition, the flavor of this vegetable combines excellently with bechamel and cheese. Next, the ingredients of the roasted cauliflower

INGREDIENTS for 4 people

  • 1 large cauliflower
  • 21 fl oz milk
  • 3 oz flour
  • 2 oz butter or oil
  • 6 oz of cheese for gratin.
  • Salt and pepper


Time needed: 35 minutes.

A simple and tasty recipe, follow the next list:

  1. To start, cook the cauliflower

    Remove the green leaves from this vegetable and wash it under running water, to remove any impurities it may have. Then cut it into 3 or 4 pieces (large) and cover with water in a casserole. Add a good pinch of salt and cook for about 15 minutes, until you can stick a knife into it, and it will come in and out without difficulty.

  2. Here, prepare the bechamel

    Put the oil or butter in another casserole and warm over a low heat. Then add the flour and let it cook for 3 minutes, to eliminate the raw flavor. Then add the hot milk, little by little and stir. That is, pour a batch and stir until it has been integrated. With 4 or 5 turns that you do, it will be enough. A liquid sauce will remain. Put into it salt and pepper and cook for 10 minutes, while stirring occasionally

  3. Now, return to cauliflower

    Cut the cauliflower into smaller pieces. About 3 fingers in size. Place the pieces on a tray that withstands the heat of the oven well.

  4. Finally, mix all the ingredients

    On top of the cauliflower put the béchamel sauce. Then the cheese, put it in the oven and bake all of it! Grill them for about 5 minutes. Until it takes a brown color on top

And that’s how easy it is to make a roasted cauliflower with cheese and bechamel. A cooking recipe with vegetables that is delicious


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