japanese cheesecake. 3 ingredients
japanese cheesecake. 3 ingredients
by Gorka Barredo

Prep Time: 1 hour




Japanese cheesecake. It is a very tasty recipe. Nowadays, this japanese cheesecake is very popular. For making this recipe, you just need 3 ingredients: egg, chocolate and cream cheese. It is very economical and its ingredients are very easy to find. As a result, you will obtain a delicious dessert. Let´s to see the amounts that you need to making this japanese cheese cake.


INGREDIENTS for japanese cheesecake for 4 people: 


  • 6 eggs
  • 250g/8.5 oz. cream cheese
  • 250g/8.5 oz. white chocolate




1.- Separate the yolks from the egg whites. Then, keep the egg whites in a casserole and the yolks on a dish.

2.- Melt the chocolate. You can do it with a microwave at maximum power for about 15 seconds, then, stir and put it into microwave again, until the chocolate is melted. Or you can make it in the water bath .

3.- In a bowl put the melted chocolate and add the cream cheese. Mix everything until the ingredients are integrated.

4.- Add the egg yolks to the mixture. Mix everything again.

5.- Beat the egg whites into a firm peak. Add the half of it to the chocolate and cheese mixture. Stir it with a spoon making enveloping movements and when it is integrated, add the rest of firm peak. Stir it again with enveloping movements.

6.- With baking paper cover the bottom of a cake mold. With this amounts, a mold of approximately 20 cm diameter is needed. Put the mixture into the mold.

7.- Place the mold into the oven to 170ºC. Bake it for about 35 minutes, until the mass has gone up and it is browned.

8.- Remove it from the oven and wait for about 10 minutes. Unmold and let cool completely before serving.

9.- Optionally, you can sprinkle on its top with some sugar glass. It will be a decorate element.


This japanese cheesecake is very easy to make at home. Probably, you have this 3 ingredients in your home, but if you don´t have them… Run to the supermarket!


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