Dates with bacon. It is a very easy recipe ideal as appetizer in any occasion. Make this elaboration at your home and see the result... Delicious!

Dates with bacon. In this ocassion, we are going to make a small snack. It is very easy to make in the oven. It is a very delicious recipe which combine some flavours (salty of bacon, sweet of date and crunchy of almond). For make this snack, you only need 3 ingredients. Let to make this elaboration in few steps.


INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

  • 12 slices of bacon
  • 2 dozens of ripe dates
  • 2 dozens natural almonds


1.- At first, remove the stones from the dates. You can buy pitted dates.

2.- In a pan over medium heat put a little of oil. Add the almonds and let to cook until the almonds are browned. Then, remove them from the fire and put the almonds in a paper towel to eleminate its oil.

3.- While we are waiting for the almonds cool, cut the slices of bacon in strips that allow to wrap with them the dates.

4.- Then, introduce the almonds into de dates, just where its stone was. As the date is a pliable fruit, it´s not difficult to fill it.

5.- When all dates are filled, wrap them with each strip bacon. Then, cross all with toothpick from side to side of the date. The idea is the toothpick hold the ends of the bacon and do not open it while baking.

6.- Finally, place the wraps in the oven previosly heated over 190ºC/ 374ºF. Let to cook it for about 8-10 minutes before serve.

You can use this dates with bacon in any occasion. You will surprise your guests!

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