Crispy french fries

Crispy french fries. It is a tasty recipe of French origin. It looks simple to make, but usually stays soft, faded, slightly crunchy, with a very dull color, with a lot of fat inside, they bend at their own weight. Making crispy french fries is very easy, just know how to make it. The first thing is the cut. Depending on how you cut the potato, it will be one way or another. The second is how to fry them, (it is advisable to cook in two phases). Let’s see how to make some authentic recipe.


INGREDIENTS for 4 people: 

  • 3 medium potatoes
  • Salt
  • Oil


1.- At first, take into account the cut of the potato. Peel and cut stick-shaped the potatoes (1cm thickness) This is the standard size and most common in french fries, with a crusty shell and a tender and tasty interior.

2.- Then, wash potatoes to remove excess starch. (The French fries are crispy and will not stick) Put them on a drain and wash with plenty of water.

3.- Drain water from and fry potatoes. Make it in two phases. First, put in a pan or fryer a lot of oil over medium heat. Put the potatoes inside. Cook about 10 minutes. When potatoes are soft, remove it from oil and let them cool about 30 minutes.

4.- After that time, heat the oil to the maximum and put in the potatoes. When potatoes are brown (about 2 minutes), remove it from the pan. Finally, put them on absorbent paper and put salt. (Not to put the salt until the end because the salt softens the potatoes during their cooking)

With this simple steps, you will obtain a crispy french fries very delicious. Try it to make it at your home!

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