Chocolate truffles recipe. Truffles are an in demand mushroom- and they are very expensive too. The Ancient Egipts used the truffles in their culinary preparations. But these chocolate truffles aren´t as the mushrooms. They aren´t similar, neither in taste nor in price. We are going to make a more economics truffles. They receive this name because their form and color are similar to each other. If you are a chocolate lover, try to make this delicious chocolate truffles recipe in a simple steps.

INGREDIENTS for 25 units:

  • 10 oz chocolate
  • 6 fl oz wipped cream
  • 2 oz butter
  • Sprinkles, cocoa powder or the final coverage that you want


Time needed: 12 hours.

If you follow these steps, you can prepare this delicious chocolate truffles recipe in a simple form.

  1. Melt the chocolate along with the butter

    At first, melt the chocolate along with the butter. You can make it in a water bath or in a microwave. It is more advisable to make it with first option. In this way, chocolate will be more bright. If you prefer to make it in a microwave, be careful, because the mixture could burn.

  2. Add the whipped cream

    When the mixture were melt, add the whipped cream and mix all the ingredients until they are well integrated.

  3. Pour all the mixture in a bowl and let to cold

    Then, pour all the mixture in a bowl and let to cold completely. It is advisable to let a completely day to a warm temperature or for about 4 hours or a completely night in a fridge.

  4. When the mixture is harden, with a teaspoon, remove a little piece of the mixture and place it on a plate

    Afterwards, repeat this step and put some teaspoon of the mass on a plate.

  5. Shape them into balls

    Catch a little piece and shape it into ball. It is not necessary that it seems perfect (the authentc truffles have an irregular form) Then, Then we roll it over the coverage we want- chocolate sprinkles, colour sprinkles, cocoa powder… you can even bathe it in white chocolate- Finally, place it in a cupcake mold and ready to eat!

It is very easy to make this chocolate truffles recipe. If you love the chocolate… Run to the kitchen to make them!

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