Cheese sticks

The fingers or cheese sticks are a very typical appetizer recipe. It is very tasty and easy to make, because they consist of breaded and fried cheese. Usually they made with some medium-hard cheese like gouda, mozzarella or emmental, so it will melt during frying, keeping the shape by the breading. A recipe for real cheese lovers! Let’s see how to make this cheese fingers.


INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

  • 17.5oz of medium hard cheese (emmental, mozzarella, gouda…)
  • 3 eggs
  • bread crumbs
  • oil
  • salt


1.- At first, cut the cheese block. Any market sells cheese like emmental , gouda or mozzarella in blocks of 250 or 500g. cut it in sticks of about index finger size

2.- Once cut, cover the fingers with beatten egg with a pinch of salt. After this cover with bread crubs, after this cover again with egg and finally again with bread crumbs. Covering twice with egg and bread crumbs, the sticks will be crisper!!

3.- Once all cheese fingers are breaded, keep them in the fridge for about an hour

4.- Finally, fry them in very hot oil. After about a minute, when browned, remove from oil and put them in paper towel, before eating.

Easiest to make can’t be. I hope you enjoy this cheese sticks!

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