Bechamel sauce mac n´cheese. The words mac n´cheese are the abreviated form of macaroni and cheese, a typical pasta recipe. This dish is very demanded for the americans, because it is considered a principal “comfort foods” of the life in the United Estates. In this case, we don´t bake these macaroni, although it is more common to make it. The idea is to prepare it in a simple, easy, quick and economic form. And this objective is achieved. Lets see how to make this delicious bechamel sauce mac n´cheese in few steps.

INGREDIENTS for bechamel sauce mac n´cheese for 4 people

  • 14 oz macaroni
  • 7 oz grated cured cheese (your choice)
  • 2 oz flour
  • 2 oz butter or oil
  • 23.5 fl oz milk
  • freshly chopped parsley
  • salt and pepper


Time needed: 20 minutes.

To prepare this bechamel sauce mac n´cheese you only follow this steps.

  1. At first, cook the macaroni

    In a casserole over medium heat put a plenty of water and bring to the boil. When water start to boil, add the macaroni and a tbsp of salt. Water has to cover well the macaroni. Let to cook them for about 12 minutes until they are “al dente”.

  2. Prepare the bechamel sauce

    While they are cooking, prepare the bechamel sauce. In a big pan over low heat, put the butter or the oil and the flour. Stir all the ingredients and let to cook for about 3 minutes.

  3. Add milk to the bechamel

    After that time, add the milk, it is better to add lukewarm milk to integrated better. Add this in 3 rounds. First, add for about 6.5 fl oz and with a whisk stir all until all milk had been absorved. Then, repeat this step with the second round, adding other 6.5 fl oz of milk and when it has been integrated, add the rest while stirring constantly. Let to cook for about 5 minutes more.

  4. Afterward, reserve some cooking broth and drain the macaroni

    When macaroni are cooked, reserve 4 ladles of cooking broth (one per person) and drain the macaroni from the rest of water.

  5. Finish to prepare the sauce

    Add above it the cheese, the parsley, some ground black pepper, the macaroni and the cooking broth. This broth will give us a smooth sauce and will boost the flavours. Between this broth that it was a little of salty and the cheese, it is not necessary add more salt.

  6. Integrate all ingredients and serve it

    Finally, stir and integrate all the ingredients over medium heat for about a minute more and serve it!

In this simple way you can prepare this bechamel sauce macaroni n´cheese. You will obtain a surprising result and repeat it! Try it in your home!

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