Aioli potatoes. These are potatoes with a delicious garlic and oil sauce. This sauce is a bit complicated to make. Here we are going to make the sauce more simple, although it is not the traditional one. It is difficult to make because it is done in a mortar, crushing the garlic and adding the oil little by little. It is difficult to emulsify both ingredients, without cut them. To make emulsifying much easier, we are going to add an egg to it. Well, let’s make our aioli potatoes

INGREDIENTS for 2 people

  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 egg
  • 6 fl oz of oil
  • 1 tbsp of chopped parsley
  • 1 tsp of white wine vinegar or lemon
  • Salt


Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Here you have the steps to get this dish:

  1. First, cook the potatoes

    In a casserole, with plenty of water, put a tsp of salt and the potatoes. There must be enough water to cover the potatoes completely. Take them to a boil and cook for about half an hour.

  2. Secondly, prepare the aioli sauce

    While the potatoes are cooking, in a beater glass put the peeled garlic, a pinch of salt, the vinegar or lemon, the egg, and finally the oil. Then put a beater until it touches the bottom of the glass. Turn it on and beat for 10 seconds.

  3. Now, wait a bit until the mix is emulsified

    After time, you will notice that the sound of the mixer is different. Then you can raise it very slowly. The ingredients will begin to emulsify. Wait for 5 more seconds. Once they have thickened, you can raise or lower the mix. It won’t cut.

  4. At this point aggregate the parskey

    Now stir everything well. The parsley havent been added before because the pieces need to be visible. Put the aioli sauce in the fridge

  5. To continue, check the potatoes

    Check them by pricking them with a knife and if it goes in and out without any difficulty, it is because they are done. Take out them from the water and let them cool.

  6. Almost to the end, cut the potatoes

    Once cold, peel them with your hands. Because they are cooked they peel very easily. Then cut the potato into large squares and place them on a plate.

  7. Finally, add the aioli sauce

    Put the delicious aioli sauce on top of all. And let it cool for a while in the fridge or eat it immediately. At your choice!

As I said, these aioli potatoes are not authentic. But it is a very easy recipe to make. And without the egg, it is complicated. In the future, I will post on this website how to make an authentic aioli sauce.


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